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Factors Affecting Bounce Rate of a Website

As defined, bounce rate is nothing but percentage of visitors who leaves your website without interacting with the pages or visiting any other additional pages on your website. In other words, bounce rate is the percentage of people visiting your website that opens a page, view some or all of the content and then hits the back button instantly.

Bounce rate is a very important factor in search engine optimization that Google takes into account when ranking pages in their search results. When running an SEO campaign, bounce rate is something to take into consideration.

High bounce rate can be caused by a whole variety of factors that can have significant effect on your website’s ability to convert your visitors into your clients. Here in this post, we have tried to list some of the important factors that can lead to high bounce rate. Here it goes:

  1. Website Speed: Websites with slow loading speed tends to have high bounce rate. Your visitors are going to leave your website if you make them wait more than 4 seconds for a page to load. The more images, scripts and multimedia you add to your website, the longer it takes to load. The speed of a website is one of the most important factors Google takes into account for ranking.
  2. Navigation Issues: There is no reason for your visitors to stay at your website if they are not being able to navigate your website and find the information they are seeking out for. Everything is supposed to be intuitive nowadays and technology is designed to make our lives easier. Keep your website as simple as possible. Your visitors expect certain things to be in certain places. It would be better to stick to conventions, like navigation across the top of the site, in most cases.
  3. Bad Content: Good content conveys the right messages; boost online presence, traffic and conversion rates. Bad content can damage or even destroy a website, and all the time and effort that have been invested by the designer and developer of the website. The quality of content goes well beyond the grammar and spelling. If content is bad, the visitors of your website are going to bounce before they go any further.
  4. Website Design: Websites that are hard to navigate, complicated, and look out-dated have higher bounce rates than clean, simple to-use, mobile friendly sites. Is your site something that individuals really need to take a look at? If not, they will they will be leaving.

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